Big Website Design Trends for Small Businesses

Big Website Design Trends for Small Businesses

You’ve probably already heard the statistics: 75 percent of internet users will click away from a website if it takes too long to load. The same percentage of users will judge a website’s credibility based on the design. Then, there’s the 38 percent who will stop engaging with an unappealing website.

As a business owner who relies on your website, you want your visitors to linger and engage with your content. And while many things affect the behavior of visitors, the statistics above show how integral a part website design plays in keeping them engaged.

If you’re about to invest in website design services for a better site, make sure you incorporate these web design trends that are currently proving effective in converting browsers into buyers:

Designing with UI/UX in mind

Today’s web users are savvier than ever. They expect flawless online experience right from the time they click onto your page to the moment they click back out. In between those two instances, you must be able to give your visitors positive user experience. This way, they stay longer on your site and learn more about your business.

To give them the positive UX they need, your website has to have a great user interface. This means your site should be easy to navigate, the font choice is readable and tasteful, and it should incorporate other fun elements that enhance user experience. If you’re working with a knowledgeable web designer, they’ll also know that these elements, despite being fun and engaging, shouldn’t be too much that they turn into an annoyance for the user.

Harnessing the unique power of cinemagraphs

Large, immersive photos have been known to make users stop and take notice. But, by adding a little extra to that image, the likelihood of converting users goes up. This is exactly what cinemagraphs do.

Part photograph, part video, cinemagraphs are slowly gaining traction in website design. Imagine a picture of a cup full of steaming coffee, but you can actually see the steam rise. Or a picture of a girl on top of a mountain, but you can see her hair blowing in the wind. Dazzling, right? Cinemagraphs take photos a notch higher and take the user on a mini visual journey without resorting to full-on videos.

Because cinemagraphs look like photos, users are pleasantly surprised when they see them on your website and discover that the images are more than static visuals. As a result, your visitors are entertained and are more likely to browse your website further.

Integrating videos within your content

Editing a video

Recently, Cisco forecasted that video traffic will constitute 82 percent of all online traffic by 2021. With this trend to look forward to, integrating videos in your website is a smart move.

Videos can convey messages better than written content. You can use them to tell your brand’s story effectively because they can quickly capture your visitors’ interest. What’s more, videos do a great job of humanizing your brand, if done properly; your site visitors see that there’s an actual person behind the product or service.

But, the best thing that videos do for your site is make visitors stay longer, which then helps your SEO efforts.

Using white space and minimalism

In advertising, there’s a problem called “banner blindness.” This is when website visitors consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information because they more often than not contain ads. So, when your website is visually cluttered, chances are your visitors aren’t going to enjoy browsing because they’ll have a hard time looking for what they need.

A clean design, meanwhile, is timeless for a reason. Leaving lots of white space makes it easy for you to direct your visitors’ focus to the elements of your page that matter. Combine that with minimalist design, and you can ensure that your users do not end up overwhelmed with information.

Every year, website design trends for small businesses change. By keeping up with them, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of where business is heading and you’ll be able to grow your brand accordingly.

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