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WWHaT Digital balances the technical and content aspects of SEO to ensure your website reaches its full visibility potential. Through effective organic SEO strategies, we bring your brand closer to your audience and help you generate greater revenues.

Asia Pacific’s Most Reliable Organic SEO Specialists

Get an organic SEO plan that incorporates the best of technical and content optimization techniques. To generate the greatest amount of traffic, WWHaT Digital combines these two strategies in a single, winning campaign.

Work with a team of seasoned marketers, savvy web designers, and writers who are proficient in English. With our years of optimization experience, we’ll make your Asia Pacific business more visible to your customers on the other side of the world.

Extensive Technical SEO

Our comprehensive site audit reveals everything that can be improved on your site, especially the technical aspects of SEO. These include:

Website Silo

We recommend a logical hierarchy of your pages to avoid a flat site structure. A clean site silo helps authority flow from a parent page to its children pages. Google easily sees content categories and ranks the pages accordingly.

XML Sitemap

Your site will have an XML sitemap that helps Google understand your site structure while crawling it. The sitemap also shows which pages are most important, giving them crawl priority and preventing less-needed web pages from eating up your crawl budget.

Schema Mark-Up

These add descriptions to the content on a web page, which tells Google what that piece of content means. Search engines then display more relevant results, increasing your site’s CTR and ranking.

Effective Content SEO

WWHaT Digital is a data-driven team, which is why we begin our content SEO strategy with extensive keyword research. We review the search volume and competitiveness of keywords and choose which ones would spur robust traffic.

We look for ranking opportunities in your site; our analysts check which pages under perform due to outdated keywords or thin, duplicated content that offers little value to readers. We inject new keywords and beef up the content to increase its chances of ranking.

Ourteam implements continuous link acquisition. Backlinking isn’t a one-time thing; building links and facilitating link juice should be refreshed continuously to solidify your relevance in the eyes of Google. Special attention is paid to your back link portfolio; we see to it that you get links from in-depth, comprehensive articles from credible sites.

Above all, your content will match user intent. We study your buyer persona to segment your audience properly. Then, we create content that aligns with their values, behaviors, and intentions. We address their pain points and nudge them towards conversion.

Let’s build your brand a formidable digital presence. Call us today for a free consultation.