Cost-Effective PPC Campaigns in the Asia Pacific

Direct highly targeted traffic to your site and enjoy greater conversions with WWHaT Digital’s PPC advertising. Your ads present your Asia Pacific brand to customers in the US and China that are ready to convert and purchase.

One of the Asia Pacific’s Trusted PPC Campaign Managers

Reinforce your SEO strategies with Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), the second leg of a successful digital marketing plan. With our cost-effective, flexible campaigns, you generate better leads and greater conversions.

Increase your invisibility when you want to. PPC gives your business better exposure when your services or products are most needed. You can limit your ads to businesses in one location or advertise on a national scale —PPC campaigns are highly customizable.

Our team creates compelling ads that speak to your target B2B decision makers. We specialize in the manufacturing, technology, and trade industries; our in-depth knowledge of their products and services allow us to create convincing ad copies.

Our PPC specialists closely monitor your ad expenditure, so you can enjoy maximum returns on your investment. Results are tangible; you’ll be able to monitor the health and returns of your campaign.

Work with WWHaT Digital, and you’ll get a robust ROI. Call us today for a free consultation.

The Advantages of PPC Advertising for Small to Medium Businesses

Focus on Highly Targeted and Qualified Visitors

 You get highly targeted traffic because the paid ads allow you to target specific subsets of searchers; you get to choose your audience according to location, language, or device. PPC also allows you to do ad retargeting, which displays your ads to someone who has already visited your website.

Instant Results

With PPC, you will see results the next day. Potential customers don’t need to go through thousands of websites just to find your product or service.


PPC campaigns can measure effectiveness, which means you know your exact ROI. Everything you do has a clear, measurable target, including your profits, views, clicks, visits, and costs.


Because you only pay when a potential customer visits your website, you get good value for your money. You can also choose to spend as much or as little as you like. You know exactly where your money is going. It is a stark contrast to traditional advertising in which you spend a certain amount, with no assurance of your target market engaging with the ad.

Leave the PPC to the Asia Pacific’s PPC Experts

WWHaT Digital takes pride in being the go-to PPC specialists in the Asia Pacific. With years of experience working in paid ads, we formulate solid PPC campaigns anchored on extensive keyword research. Our team also conducts competitive analysis to uncover the most effective PPC strategies.

We plan ads thoroughly before they show up on the SERPs. Our specialists study your target market and review which ads would compel them to click and convert. B2B customers are more pragmatic and demanding than B2C, so we see to it that the ads appeal to their sense of practicality.

Ad expenditure is closely monitored; we track under performing keywords and pour our resources to ones that bring in conversions. We also make a list of negative keywords to ensure we show the ads to people who really need your services.

You’ll be updated regularly on the progress of your campaigns, so you can see how PPC can boost your revenues.

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