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The online reputation management services of WWHaT Digital allow you to create and maintain a positive business image in Chinese and American markets. We help businesses establish trust to help boost sales, improve brand loyalty, and attract highly talented employees.

Reputation Management Isn’t an Option; It’s a Necessity

Most businesses think of reputation management as covering up the misdeeds of a movie-villain corporation. This digital strategy, however, isn’t built for less-than-credible businesses. In fact, every legitimate brand in Taiwan needs online reputation management (ORM).

Why? Because the internet collects and spreads information like wildfire, and the accuracy of the statements and facts can be skewed, miscommunicated, or misinterpreted.

A positive image means a higher chance of healthy revenues and optimal recruitment. Let WWHaT Digital help you in this area. Our team assesses, monitors, and improves your reputation online.

Why Hire an ORM Service Provider for Your Business

Managing the online reputation of your business takes a lot of skill and hard work. You need to respond to both positive and negative customer feedback, have search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge, and commit to reviewing your online reputation regularly.

Given that online reputation management demands a lot of effort on your end, you’re better off hiring an ORM company to take care of your brand image.

Here’s why:

Extensive Experience

An established ORM service provider has years of experience in building and preserving a company’s reputation. They are well-versed in suppressing smear campaigns and negative content, promoting your achievements on social media and other digital channels, removing damaging fake reviews, and highlighting positive feedback and testimonials.

Dedicated Customer Support Teams

If you have inquiries about the online reputation management process or want help with getting more reviews for your business, your ORM company is available to address your concerns.

State-of-the-Art Reputation Management Tools

ORM providers have access to technology solutions that improve how your business looks online.

3 Signs Your Business Needs ORM

If you’re having trouble attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, consider online reputation management.

Be on alert for these three signs:

Negative Publicity Appearing on Page One of Google Search

Google generates relevant content based on the search terms entered by a user. Although a search query could produce millions of relevant results, searchers are unlikely to look past the first page. A study published in Forbes revealed that 71% of users end up clicking links found on page one of the search results. Only 6% click links located on the second page.

If you find negative brand reviews or feedback that’s appearing on the first page of Google, you’ll need to suppress that content with ORM to protect your business image.

Customer Feedback About Your Brand is Mostly Negative

A report published in Inc. revealed that 84% of people trust online reviews and treat them like a personal recommendation. On top of that, 91% of individuals occasionally or regularly read feedback posted by other people online.

When potential customers try to find your business on search engines, review sites (e.g., Yelp and Angie’s List) tend to show up on the first page of the results. Although a few bad reviews won’t destroy your reputation, multiple negative feedback could discourage people from doing business with you. If this is the case, you may need ORM to restore your brand image.

Your Business Information on Directory Listings is Inaccurate

Incorrect or inconsistent business details in online directories will negatively affect your reputation. You’ll need ORM to fix your listings and make sure that all information about your company is correct and updated.

As your online reputation management company, we have dedicated and experienced ORM experts who temper misleading or skewed statements, so you can foster brand loyalty and forge more resilient relationships with your customers.

And we speak your target market’s language, whether it’s Chinese or English, allowing us to communicate your message better.

Discover how reputation management can help you close more sales. Call us today for a free consultation.

Let Our Experienced ORM Experts Manage Your Online Reputation

We employ our expertise in SEO and social media to build, restore, and preserve your online reputation.

Our team has years of experience in building a successful and custom online reputation management campaign for businesses in Taiwan marketing to Chinese and U.S. markets.

When we create this campaign, we integrate it into your overall digital marketing plan. Whether you’re having issues with your online reputation or have zero reputation, to begin with, we’ll take control of what people think about your business or brand.

Additionally, our agency has experience in addressing and eliminating negative listings showing up on search results. Besides pushing down negative online mentions about your brand, we proactively build and defend your reputation online. Our team makes this happen by using effective SEO best practices, coupled with social media and content development strategies. 

You don’t need to search hard for an ORM service provider with unparalleled industry experience, web reputation management capabilities, and profound knowledge of SEO strategies. WWHaT Digital is more than qualified to help you with your ORM-related concerns.

Why Work with Our Reliable Online Reputation Managers

WWHaT Digital’s tenacity in monitoring websites, fora, listings, and reviews set us apart from other reputation managers in the Asia Pacific. We understand how the internet has drastically changed the way information passes from one platform to another. One look at social media hashtags and scathing online reviews will show how a few comments can mar the image you’ve worked so hard to build. After all, B2B decision makers trust the testimonials of other B2B buyers.

Our team of determined and experienced ORM experts closely monitors platforms to build and preserve your positive image. We patiently listen to and mitigate online complaints and negative reviews. We temper misleading commentaries. Business information on your listings will be consistent, to avoid giving your customers misleading information.

On top of that, we implement strategies that would surface articles favorable to your brand and make critical or misleading ones less visible. Through our services, you present yourself in the best light, so you can enjoy a better relationship with your target audience.

Our ORM specialists provide reputation management services to B2B businesses that promote their brands to the Chinese and English markets.

Learn more about what reputation management can do for your brand. Call us today for a free consultation.

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