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WWHaT Digital offers SEO solutions to Taiwanese businesses that want to improve their visibility on the web. We employ effective organic SEO strategies, putting your brand in front of your Chinese and American audiences, generating conversions.

A Trusted SEO Service Provider

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that involves the optimization of a website to receive organic or unpaid traffic from search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Effective SEO makes your site easier for search engines to read and easier for users to understand. If your site exhibits both, your rankings will climb.

An online marketing agency that does SEO for a business typically implements these strategies:

On-Page SEO

This refers to the practice of optimizing the individual pages of a website to boost search rankings and earn more traffic. It helps search engines understand the website and determine if its content is relevant and helpful to the search intent of a user. Some of the tasks involved in on-page SEO are creating high-quality content, optimizing meta tags, adding images to web pages, formulating effective headlines, and organic keyword insertion.

Off-Page SEO

This strategy involves processes that marketers do outside a website to get major search engines to look at a site as authoritative and trustworthy. A few of these tasks include creating strategic guest blogs, getting a brand mentioned on authority sites, and syndicating press releases.

Technical SEO

This refers to optimizing the technical aspects of a website, such as site load speed, internal linking structure, structured data, and XML sitemap. Technical SEO enables search engines to easily crawl and index a site, which contributes to better rankings on the results pages.

How Your Business Benefits from SEO

When you have an agency develop a custom SEO campaign for your business, you reap the many advantages of this marketing strategy.

A few of them are:

Better Brand Awareness

Showing up frequently on top of the search results makes your brand more recognizable to searchers.

Improved Brand Credibility

Improved Brand Credibility – Potential customers are likely to trust your brand and see you as a top industry player when you show up at the top of search results.


SEO works all day and night to promote your brand, products, and services.

Measurable Results

Measure the results of your SEO campaign by using the right analytics tools or with the help of an online marketing agency. You’ll know the keywords bringing in revenue, the amount of organic traffic going to your website, and the source of your conversions.

Let Our Search Marketing Specialists Do Your SEO

Our digital marketing agency has experienced and dedicated SEO specialists who develop customized campaigns for Chinese and American markets, satisfying your business requirements.

When we create and execute an SEO campaign, we do it the right way by implementing white-hat practices. This means we implement strategies that improve your search rankings while adhering to the terms of service defined by search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

WWHaT Digital implements tried-and-tested strategies when performing local SEO or organic SEO solutions for clients. 

Our analysts conduct keyword research and find out what words your customers enter when they look for your products. These are then incorporated in your site content by our writers. Boasting a high level of Chinese and English proficiency, they create copy that bears the correct tone, contains the right keywords, and hits your readers’ pain points.

Our programmers, meanwhile, delve deeply into technical aspects of SEO—HTTPS, XML sitemap, mobile mark-up language, among others—to allow search engine bots or spiders to crawl and index the pages. If your pages are indexed properly, the search engines pull out and display your website to someone who searches for your products or services.

On top of that, our SEO management company will build an extensive backlink portfolio to give your site more link juice and increase its credibility in the eyes of Google.

With effective SEO techniques, we make your brand more visible to your target market.

The Pillars of a Great B2B SEO Strategy

Extensive Keyword Research. At WWHaT Digital, keywords are the backbone of every SEO campaign. Our analysts study your target market and review the words that they’d likely type in when they search for your products. We also consider the traffic volume and competitiveness of keywords and determine which would bring the most traffic and conversions to your site.

Content that Speaks to Your Customers. Content should be written for your customers. After all, Google favors user-friendly content and tend to rank sites that visitors love. WWHaT Digital boasts an intimate knowledge of both the English and Chinese markets. We create content that aligns with their values and behaviors to encourage them to purchase.

Content that Matches User Intent. To secure conversions, your copy has to address the pain points of your readers. WWHaT Digital doesn’t believe in a blanket solution. We segment your audience and create content that answers their specific needs—whether they’re looking for information, solutions, or updates about your offers—and nudge them further into the sales funnel.

Updated Strategies. Search engines have a notoriously long (and still expanding) list of algorithm changes. WWHaT Digital stays on top of these updates. We’re always refining our strategies to meet Google’s demands. Our team closely monitors the health of the campaigns when Google rolls out major updates. We only engage in white label SEO — we do SEO the right way.

Why Choose Us Over Other SEO Agencies

What gives us an edge over other SEO services agencies is that we’re a professional business-to-business (B2B) SEO agency. There’s a world of difference between B2B and B2C marketing, so it pays to work with people who specialize in either one. The customer, the buyer’s journey, and the decision-making involved are vastly different, and your SEO service provider must be knowledgeable about these factors.

WWHaT Digital is focused solely on B2B SEO. Our SEO experts know how to market to people who make business decisions. B2B buyers are often more demanding and more rational, but they tend to have longer-term buys. Plus, they’re more likely to foster loyalty to you. We help you appeal to your target audience’s sense of practicality. After all, SEO rewards businesses better than traditional advertising—we’ll help you take advantage of all that the web offers.

Through optimization, you can reach your customers without disrupting their experience, as ads and commercials do. Your site simply shows up when they’re looking for information, when they’re choosing between brands, and when they’re ready to purchase.

Another quality that sets us apart is the clients we serve. We’re skilled in providing SEO for businesses looking to promote their brand to the U.S. and Chinese markets.

We speak your target consumers’ language, allowing us to communicate your message better.

Our digital marketing agency also specializes in providing search engine optimization for businesses and organizations in the manufacturing, retail, technology, and finance sector. When we do SEO copywriting, our team of marketing writers adhere to ad regulations in your industry and use the correct terms when discussing your products and services.

Let’s make your site more visible to businesses. Call our dedicated B2B SEO agency today for a free consultation.

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