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WWHaT Digital’s social media marketing and management services are ideal for companies that want to engage their Chinese and American customers on the right social networking platforms effectively. We create campaigns that immerse your brand to your target market.

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When people talk about digital marketing for B2B, social media marketing comes as an afterthought—a minor marketing arm that brings feeble conversions and does little to increase revenues.

Social media, however, is an extremely important marketing channel, thanks to its ability to bring you closer to your target market. Brands that don’t have social media accounts tend to get left behind in customer engagement. They lag in terms of presence—71% of businesses are on Facebook, while 59% are on Twitter, not to mention the significant portion of businesses on LinkedIn, which is arguably the defining social network site for business and employment.

A social media presence allows you to stay in touch with customers that cannot be easily reached by traditional marketing methods. Your social campaigns introduce you to potential clients and make you memorable to people who are already familiar with your brand. Your posts and tweets lead followers to your site and encourage them to convert.

Your social media accounts are your ticket to brand awareness, brand loyalty, and, more importantly, higher revenues. And our social media management agency helps you achieve all of that. Our dedicated social media experts create custom and effective social media campaigns that target Chinese- and English-speaking audiences. We also have social media account managers who take care of your business profile pages by responding to customer inquiries and addressing user complaints promptly.

More Reasons to Invest in B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services for B2B business also deliver the following benefits:

Cost-Effective Brand Promotion Strategy

If your business doesn’t have a lot of marketing dollars to spare, give social media marketing a shot. Promoting your brand, products, and services on social networking platform is cost-effective. Signing up for a Facebook account, for instance, is free of charge. Your business could then create, publish, and share organic posts to advertise your company without spending a single cent. This promotional strategy could deliver stellar results when you create quality posts and share them to the right audience at the right time.

Additionally, paid social media promotions will allow you to manage your marketing budget. Popular social networking platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, let you to advertise for just a dollar a day on impressions. If your marketing strategy is successful, you could invest more to boost your return on investment (ROI).

Increased Referral

B2B social media marketing contributes to higher referral traffic. When you effectively promote your website in your organic posts, your followers will click the link and check out your blog posts or your specified landing page. The rise in referral traffic will greatly help your search marketing efforts.

Better Understanding of Your Audience

Apart from promoting your brand, you could use B2B social media marketing to perform social listening and understand your Chinese and U.S. markets better. When you monitor the conversations surrounding your brand, product, or service, you pick up on the topics your audience likes. Also, you’ll have a better understanding of the language your audience is using, which you could use to improve your tone, messaging, and brand voice.

Features of Our Social Media Services

Our comprehensive social media marketing and management services cover the following:

Initial Consultation and Strategy Planning

We take the time to learn about your company, industry, competitors, and social media assets. Based on the information we’ve gathered, our team comes up with a custom social media strategy that meets your objectives and makes the most of your allocated marketing budget.

Content Creation and Publishing

We have talented copywriters and social media specialists who produce custom social media posts that inform, educate, and delight your target audience.


Our agency maximizes your ad returns by designing social media ads that target the right people based on relevant figures and information, such as age, gender, shopping habits, interests, and motivations.

Social Media

We monitor, report, and send you vital information concerning the performance and effectiveness of your campaign. Some of the metrics you’ll find in our highly detailed reports are reach, views, impressions, and conversions.


We take care of your customer communication needs by responding promptly to feedback, inquiries, complaints, and other messages.

Social Media

We actively listen to what your customers are saying about your business, brand, competitors, products, and services.

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What Our B2B Social Media Marketing Does for Your SME

Think of Facebook and LinkedIn posts and tweets as virtual flyers or newspaper ads— they present your brand to your audience and build brand awareness. They help you forge a brand identity. It’s a creative platform to show your company’s story, your unique value proposition, and your mission as a brand.

They are effective vehicles in expanding your reach, too. Social media was built to be shared, and you can leverage this feature by publishing compelling content. If your customers are intrigued, they’ll hit “share” and expose your brand to their peers.

Your social media campaigns boost your SEO strategies. While social media presence is not a known ranking factor, what it does is bring in traffic, which, in turn, improves your rank.

Search engines keep track of which websites get robust traffic and which ones don’t see many visitors in a month. Sites that get a huge amount of traffic are considered high-quality and, therefore, rank well.

While our SEO strategy can get you on top of the SERP, social media helps produce faster results. Our campaigns compel people to visit your site, making it more credible in the eyes of Google.

Let Us Handle Your Social Media Marketing and Management Needs

In the age of the empowered consumer, general social media management services aren’t enough, which is why WWHaT Digital creates campaigns tailored to your industry and your audience. During the planning phase, we study your niche thoroughly to create content that your customers relate to and encourage them to like, share, and buy. To generate larger revenues, we combine both branded content and ad paid advertising.

We specialize in developing and launching Chinese and English social media campaigns for specific industries, like manufacturing, technology, and trading. Our intimate knowledge of your target market, products and services, jargon, and ad regulations enable us to formulate a solid ad campaign. Despite our focus on these industries, though, we are also very good at adapting our work to accommodate other industries. And we’ll do just as great a job.

WWHaT Digital selects the right platforms for your campaign and formulates measurable, realistic goals. Each platform requires a different approach, so we tweak your messaging according to the channel it will be posted.

Authenticity is at the heart of our social media strategy—we refrain from content that feels forced or detached. Our team post messages that feel like a conversation among friends and offer real value to your customers.

Our experienced social media experts are always up-to-date on the developments happening in well-known social networking channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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