Simple but Efficient Tactics to Enhance Your Google Ranking

Simple but Efficient Tactics to Enhance Your Google Ranking

If your business isn’t online, it’s missing out on crucial traffic and conversions from online customers. Over 854.5 million people are online in China alone, according to We Are Social’s latest Digital 2020 report. About 4.54 billion people around the world actively use the internet, with their most visited site being Google. Apart from searching for educational information or who the familiar actor is in the movie they’re watching, people use the site to look for information about local businesses.

A 2017 survey found that 80% of people prefer using search engines when looking for a local product or service. This means that having a strong presence on Google is essential if you want to be seen by most of your customers or clients online.

However, only the first few results get the most attention. People barely notice entries on the second page onwards. Improving your Google ranking isn’t as easy as building a website from a template, putting in basic information, and calling it a day. You need expert search engine optimization or SEO. Here are simple yet effective Google SEO tips you should definitely try.

Research and Insert Relevant Keywords

In SEO terms, keywords are what customers specifically search for when they look for your products and services. Google looks for such keywords when scanning through and ranking your website. You need to research them and embed them on your web pages. An efficient way to look for keywords is by doing the following:

  • List Down Your Products and Services – Get a paper and pen or your notes app and list down the products and services you offer. Choose one that you want to focus on for now, like a new product or a service where you have a special promo.
  • What Would Customers Search For? – Now that you have a chosen product or service, think of how customers will search for it online. For example, if you’re running an auto repair service, people might search it with your service area or location, like “auto repair service in Taipei.”

Alternatively, you could use a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest. Here, you’ll find how many people search for a keyword on the “search volume” column. You generally want to use the high-volume ones.

  • Implementation – Now that you have a list of keywords to use, it’s time to add them to your content. Use them on relevant product or service pages. Publish blogs and other articles based on those keywords. Know that Google will penalize you if you stuff your copy with keywords unnecessarily, so only use them when they’re relevant to the page.

Make it Mobile-friendly

using phone

More than half of the world’s population has a mobile phone. And more and more people are using their devices for search. You don’t want them to click on your site and be greeted by a clunky page that doesn’t fit their screen. Google wants consumers to have the best experience possible when browsing, so it added “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking factor in 2016. One way to achieve this is by working with an organic SEO service provider to make your site responsive so that it fits every screen size, from large TVs to tiny 4.7-inch smartphone displays.

Keep Your Meta Data Short and Sweet

Your site’s meta title and meta description are what will appear on Google’s search results. For titles, the platform has a 60-character limit. And for the meta descriptions, it’s around 155. Take this as a challenge to provide titles and descriptions that are both concise, informative, and easy for customers to understand. You’re sure to get more clicks this way.

Getting to the top of Google requires a lot of time and effort, as you need to research and implement strategies to improve your site’s elements and content for search. However, it’s all worth it when your traffic and conversions vastly improve. Now that you know how to improve your Google SEO, it’s time for you to get started on your search marketing journey.

Work with an Expert SEO Team

SEO often takes a lot of time and effort to do correctly. If you don’t want to lose focus on improving your core business, work with a digital marketing agency like WWhat Digital. We provide complete SEO solutions to businesses in Asia that want to reach both their local and U.S. markets. We have a global presence, with SEO and copywriting experts located throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. We provide quality services to help you expand your reach and grow your enterprise.

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