Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing to Introduce Your Business to Taiwan

Why You Should Be Using Social Media Marketing to Introduce Your Business to Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most connected markets in the world. With over 20 million people in Taiwan using the Internet (and a whopping 93% of that number using smartphones), the Taiwanese online market is an active, engaged pool of potential customers.   


On average, mobile phone users spend nearly four hours a day surfing the web, and another four to five hours a day cruising the Internet on their computers. Taiwanese users are avid social media users, spending around two hours a day on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Individuals are usually members on more than one platform, as well, with an average of 8.4 social media accounts per internet user. The majority of users are in the Gen Z and Millennial demographics.


Chinese and American companies looking to penetrate the Taiwanese online market can take advantage of the Taiwanese population’s high activity on social media platforms. The best platforms for utilizing such content in Taiwan include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Facebook is the top social media platform used by adults in Taiwan. As of 2020, nearly 95% of all Taiwanese social media users are on Facebook. In second and third place are Instagram and Twitter, which are reportedly used by 40% and 7% of all adults on social media. 


Facebook has reported that the small island of Taiwan has some of the highest per capita users in the whole tech giant’s portfolio, with almost 19 million active users in 2018. Social media overall is a thriving part of Taiwanese culture with adults of all age groups using various platforms. 


Why Social Media Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Campaign 


Social media should be an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. Social media users are consistent, predictably logging in at regular intervals and following through with better results than other types of ad campaigns. 


Social media boosts visibility for any business, increasing the number of places where a potential customer can find out more information. Increased exposure is the first step to moving consumers towards becoming customers. They can’t buy your product if they’ve never heard of you! 


Social media content gets attention in more effective ways than the traditional marketing approaches like billboards, mailers, or print ads. Engagement is only a simple click away – perhaps the shortest distance between exposure and traffic there has ever been. 


Furthermore, as more social media users engage with your content, their activity can affect other users on the platform who have yet to take that step. While you continue to put out more new content, your older, past content can continue to work for you, giving curious users a place to look at what you have to offer.  


How to Use Social Media Effectively in Your Business Strategy


Social media marketing in Taiwan has to be effective to work. A strong social media strategy involves engaging, targeted, and regularly scheduled content pushes. 


An effective social media campaign relies on an understanding of the customer segment being targeted. Potential customers aren’t using social media specifically in their roles as consumers. The name of the platform itself, “social media,” tells us the primary reason that users are on those platforms. A company hoping to make new connections with potential customers must understand how to engage appropriately with users as a result. 


Once a company understands the individuals it is hoping to make into new customers or clients, the company must understand the right way to 


The Benefits of Using a Social Media Marketing Agency


To help your site gain exposure, it’s clear by now that social media marketing is an optimal strategy. But learning the ins and outs of how your company should engage with the platform can be incredibly time-consuming. 


Working with a local digital marketing agency is the most cost-effective way to make your investment in this marketing strategy go further. 


A reputable, professional digital marketing agency in Taiwan will be experts on the social multiplatform and the most effective ways to increase exposure for your site, product, or business. Partnering with an agency means that you will have a social media expert on your team who will make it their priority to become an expert on your business, too.


A social media agency can dedicate focused time to your social media campaign, saving you countless hours of planning, execution, and analysis. You can decide how much input you want to have. Do you want them to use media and copy that you write yourself? Or do you want to hand over the whole operation to them? A digital marketing agency will have a suite of tools and resources at their disposal to help you achieve the social media marketing goals you hope to achieve. 


I’m In! How Do I Get My Business Started on Social Media? 


Think about the customer base you’ve been wanting to expand into or a customer demographic you’ve been unable to crack. Is there a particular product that you’re about to launch? Perhaps your business came out with a new set of designs or a 2.0 version of products you previously sold. Have you recently started a new website advertising your services? Maybe there’s a promotion which you felt that not enough customers have taken advantage of yet. 


All of these are examples of questions and discussions you can address with a social media marketing strategy. Want to find out more about what that approach could look like?


Chat with a seasoned social media marketing pro to find out what kinds of insight their social media experts have to offer in getting you those customers you deserve. They can help you see how simple or expansive your social media presence can be and guide you through the advantages of different approaches. 


Whether you have already envisioned a strategy, or you’ve never set foot in the social media marketing landscape, their experts are excited to brainstorm with you about ways to get your business more social media exposure! 



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